I find hope like a tree's branches find sunshine - I explore by growing. I learn broadly, deeply, and vivaciously, and I learn by making. When I find something, I share the fruit. I believe that technology helped me grow more easily than otherwise would have been possible. It makes the forest so much bigger, like there's room for everyone's branches.

I ground myself in my priorities and core beliefs. I care about:
  • life, nature, health, beauty, joy
  • physics, philosophy, and knowledge

I believe in ethical technology which uses the latter to support the former.

Besides that, I require only a few beliefs in order to feel a sense of peace, equanimity, compassion, and transcendent purpose:

  1. That reality exists
  2. That the experience of others is as valid as my own
  3. That experience itself is a beautiful miracle that deserves preservation and proliferation

My journey here was a fun, circuitous one. I planned to become a surgeon, but life had better plans. I studied neuroscience in undergrad, discovered computational neuroscience, then computer science, and finally - software engineering. It felt like stepping on a land-mine. My life exploded into a creative wonderland of agency like nothing I'd seen in medicine. Here the rules were ones you made yourself, and there was so much opportunity that every game became positive-sum.

Given my experience, it should come as no surprise that I find exploration intrinsically meaningful. Hope carries me through the rollercoaster of life. I think it's the responsibility of exploration, of the unknown, to host that hope.

I'm on a mission to find and share a flavor of hope that feels real - it's abundant, joyous, and emphatic.